What is our vision?

Our Vision is to become earth’s favorite activewear brand.

What is our mission?

Our Mission is to create sustainable activewear that fit like a cloud on the conscience and the body so you can move guilt free.

In every step of our supply chain, we take care of the planet and the people on it so that the future can still breathe, live and exist.  We do not compromise the quality and performance of our items in our designs, but rather we optimize for performance while being sustainable from A to Z.

Sustainable Materials   

- Sustainable Production         

- Ethical Manufacturing        

- Sustainable Shipping


Who we are?

We are Reborn founders, Zeina and Maryrose; we’re sisters. We both have background in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a passion for activewear. We have always thought that there is a way to combine both worlds.

So at first we thought that Civil Engineering is constructing the world, turns out it is only destructing it by human kind’s negative impacts. Hence we moved at adopting more environmental friendly approaches in our previous experiences in apparel and engineering, but there was only so much that we could do.

Hence, we decided to create a truly sustainable and ethical brand in all its aspects. We wanted to rebirth high performance sportswear in our sustainable vision and build Reborn.